a truer word

This is the Mouse Companion Version (MCV) of the New Testament. As I explained on the home page, I use the term, “a truer word” not to imply that my mouse version is necessarily better than other translations, though I’m sure it’s better in some places than some other versions. The idea is to get my revelations considered proactively by people who know better than I, and thereby reach a semantically truer version than perhaps we’ve reached to date.

They are arranged in the same order as in published Bibles so you can see which books I’ve not covered yet. I’m putting a ‘paragraph’ version first, so that you can get a real feel of the letter or book as it was written. This is followed by a verse by verse version which includes, primarily, my own study notes, but also, importantly, where necessary, my reasons for changing the meaning from the versions we know. I think I have managed to put bolder type on all the amendment notes so you can find them more easily.

So far I have only tackled a small portion of Paul’s letters, but I’m still working through the Greek so there will be more books at irregular intervals as I complete them. Keep in touch if you’re interested and/or have anything valuable to contribute. >ᴥ<