Brushing one’s tail, washing one’s face and preening one’s whiskers are very important in the humble lives of mice and their cousins—perhaps as important as breakfast—but they are not essential parts of my preparations for living my day in step with Jesus. Not that I don’t wash, but I have been suspecting I could have been missing a daily opportunity to get closer to Jesus—here is a look over my shoulder at a framework prayer I have put together to set me up each morning so that Jesus can do in me and through me all that He chooses to do each day. I plan to pray through it each morning and see what, if anything, changes. I’ll let you know. And I’m putting it out there, hoping that it will help people—prayerful consideration of its various parts might help you to see yourself and your own day scripturally, as Jesus’ opportunity to express Himself and achieve His purposes.

Father God in heaven, I come before you now by the blood of Christ; trusting and hoping always, only, in His perfect and eternal sacrifice. I am here to honour you and to humble myself before you. Thank you that, in your grace, you included me in Jesus and Him in me, so that He is my victory and so I can live a holy life before you. Please teach me how.

I fully repent of where I have lived in pride and by the flesh, and have therefore fallen into sin; for not loving you more, and for spiritual idleness. I am so sorry Lord. I humbly accept your forgiveness according to your word, and I choose to flee from all sin with your help. Teach me true humility in Christ, I pray, and let it force all pride out of my heart.

I commit to you every part of my day: every relationship, every conversation and interaction, every situation and circumstance. Be Lord of my day, I pray, organising all its details and leading me into every good work which you have prepared for me to obediently walk in, whatever the personal cost to me.

I look to you to provide all that I will need today for living the life you have called me to: humility, love, grace, forgiveness, nourishment, accomodation, protection, health, opportunities and guidance. Let your gracious light shine at my feet, leading me into your absolute truth and teaching me your ways.

Keep me from deceiving myself that my discipleship is “good enough” when it isn’t. Lead me into your reality, Lord: about myself, about you, about the quality of life you have called me to, and about the gospel. Above all, I pray that you will reveal the humble Christ in me—all day, every day, so that I may draw upon all that I inherit in Him.

Always block me, Lord, from expressing the power of my soul, and help me always to discern whether others are using soul power or the power of the Spirit.

Lord Jesus, you bought me in honour out from the slave market of sin, into the freedom of true faith, by the incalculable sacrifice of your crucifixion, so now the Holy Spirit is my life, and I thank you Lord. And so I commit to your care and command all that I am: body, soul and spirit.

Be Lord of my spirit in my worship and grant me a deep, holy fellowship with you and the Father, and the receiving of revelation through my intuition and my conscience.

I trust you too to manage my soul. I now have your mind—the mind of the Spirit, so I look to you to guide me in the renewal of my mind: to think as yours does; for normal comprehension, calculation and memory; for full recall of all you give me; and for your perfect sanity for the rest of my days. I also commit to you my will and my emotions: teach me how to control them in holiness, loving those around me in full obedience.

I cannot lean on my own understanding, Lord, so I pray that you will read with me the Greek original and the various translations of your word, so that I may truly hear what you are really saying, and guide my rendering of those revelations into your words, which will bless others through my blog and in discussions with those who are interested.

I also trust you to manage the normal functions of my body so that I can love it in your name and live righteously, without idolatry, in eating and drinking, socialising and entertainment, and care for it as you intended me to. Amen.


I can then move on to my regular prayers for those I love: my family, brethren in the body, the unsaved, the sick, the deceived, and so on.

Bless you folks, Geoff  >ᴥ<


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