Philippians 4:8 The Mouse Companion Version (MCV)

Finally brethren, if anyone is honest, if anyone is honourable, if anyone is virtuous, if anyone is holy, if anyone is loving, if anyone is reputable—if anyone has virtues or any commendable attribute—think about them.

All the translations I have been able to check assume that this verse says “whatever is true” or “whatever things are true,” and so on, but the Greek word used – ὅσος – can just as easily be translated “whoever” or “whosoever,” and so “if anyone” is a perfectly good way to put it in English. A careful assessment of all the attributes listed makes it clear that they are all virtues of godly people, not of things, however special they may be.

The point is that we are to ponder or meditate on the qualities displayed by those who are further on in the Lord than we are. These are brothers and sisters in the Lord who have already learned how to walk by the Spirit of God and are therefore living holy lives. In this way we can make those virtues our own by practicing them, and so we will daily grow more Christlike. This is immediately confirmed by the next verse.

Philippians 4:9 The Mouse Companion Version (MCV)

Practice also all that you heard, accepted and learned from me, and all that you have seen in me, and the God of peace will be with you.

Careful observation of Paul’s character through his responses to people and circumstances, and of all that he taught—which they have accepted and learned from him—has shown the Philippians many virtues which they can add to their own character by meditating on them in the Holy Spirit. >ᴥ<


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