At the weekend I received Torben Søndegaard’s latest update from It’s a link to his teaching on How to understand the Bible which I duly watched – and strongly recommend.

Anyway, among many good points, he reminded me that tackling the Bible verse by verse is a very unnatural approach as it was written as prose, in letters and so on, with no chapter breaks or verses at all. As a result, I decided that my verse by verse approach on this site was inadequate and needed to be augmented by duplicating each book without my notes, with the text dropped back to normal paragraphs, ignoring chapter and verse breaks.

This I have done with Romans and Galatians and I’m planning to do with Ephesians today. I have decided to leave the numbers in place though, so you’ll know where you are at any point.

Now you can read them as they were intended which, I hope, will give you a richer and more complete overview of each passage.

Blessings all, Geoff  >ᴥ<


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